Friday, October 10, 2008


Today has been a long day. It started at 8am at the heart center getting his stitches out. We knew it wouldn't be fun, so we packed goodies with us. After that was done, he was a million times happier. I think the stitches were probably pulling his skin, making it pretty uncomfortable. We had a nice breakfast out at one of our favorite breakfast joints near home and Orion ate half of my tomato and jack cheese omelette and he drank lots of milk. Upon coming home, he seemed much cheerier and took a nice long nap. We knew he was feeling better. At 2pm we headed to our pediatrician for the scheduled follow-up. She said his right lung sounded dull and his oxygens were lower than they should be. She ordered an xray at the hospital, so off we went back to Lucy's. On our way to radiology, we happened to run into one of our favorite cardiologists. She was concerned about why she was seeing us return, so we explained things and she took a listen to him. She also agreed about getting the xray done. So off to get the xray, and results showed fluid in right lung. That cardiologist wanted to admit him so he can get IV diuredics to get this fluid out. Sound familiar??? This was exactly what happened his last surgery back in march. Anyway, while we waited for the team to get a bed ready on the 3rd floor, I went down to the cafeteria to grab dinner while bo stayed with orion. Fortunately we were able to eat, and then we headed to our room. Boy was Orion pissed!!! Poor guy, back here again. He's actually getting an IV put in right now in a separate room, and the nurse asked us to stay in our room. I am sure I will hear him crying in the hall when they walk back. Anyway, we are expecting to he here until at least monday. Let's hope it's not longer than that and that there are no further complications!!!!!

It's such a bummer. Orion was finally cheering up today and eating and sleeping better. At least it was caught early and not to late at a point of emergency. Do we love our pediatrician, she is awesome!!!!

Ok, will update more later.

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Mami Adame said...

Oh no! Just catching up on my blog reading....I'm so sorry! Poor Orion, you are right they are at that age were they start recognizing events & remembering them...and not being too happy about it. But I sure hope for a speedy recovery!