Saturday, October 04, 2008

one chest tube out!

he was quite the trooper when they pulled the tube out! they gave him
some morphine (and i made sure to know of the dose) and he cried the
whole time, but at least he wasn't screaming like he usually does.
he's now ready for wagon rides! we still have to bring the oxygen tank
with us, but as long as he gets out of bed, he'll be happy. they are
also bringing him down on one of the diuretics, so he's on the road to
getting out of here! hopefully his progress continues to be smooth,
and we can go home sometime this week!

orion's taking a nice nap now, he is so tired from all the excitement
this morning. bo has a lot of work to do, and i'm not so tired anymore
after my giant cup of coffee. i will upload a few more pictures. he
started laughing today and was more his usual self!

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