Monday, October 06, 2008

going home tuesday!!!

we are still on for going home tuesday morning! as you can see i am
blogging less and less because orion is getting healthier and needing
too much of my attention! he's eating well, being active, playing,
singing, talking, chatting, you name it. today we started him on
walking again, and he was up and going all by himself so fast! he's
going to enjoy being line-free and at home with all his toys.

he just has one last xray at 4am then blood draws at 6am. after that,
we're headed home! let's hope the discharge process isn't too long.
most of the time, the NPs will have our all ready to go early on.

he has not been sleeping well, and we know it will be a tough
transition time when we go home. we have experienced night terrors in
the past, and the last couple of days, he's been having them in the
hospital. that just means lots of crying in the middle of the night
and it takes a lot to soothe him. most of the time, the crying lasts
for about an hour or so, and it's usually in the wee hours of the
morning. so sorry to our neighbors....we have really thin walls!

OK, one more thing about our blog: people seem to have trouble posting
comments!!!! i will work on switching over to a new template. i think
our blog is running off one of blogger's older systems before they
changed things up, so i will update to something current and hopefully
that will fix the problem. BUT, i am glad to receive emails from those
who are having trouble commenting! thanks to everyone for all your
love and prayers. they are working!! it still seems scary to be going
home so fast. we are so used to being admitted for so long that by the
time we go home, he was fully healed weeks prior. let's hope for a
continued healthy recovery at home with no complications and no
returns to the hospital!

i have also met a couple of families while here, and i asked them to
join our heart group. i hope they do join because we could use a bit
more testosterone in the group! orion is so far the youngest and the
only boy. i think this is why his favorite colors are pink and purple,
and he loves flowery things haha :)

we can't wait to go home and sleep in our own bed with our little man.
as much as we sometimes hated that orion still slept in bed with us,
we really do miss the cuddling and snoozing. i will be happy to have
my own linens because whatever detergent this hospital is now washing
their linens in is giving me hives!!! even orion got a little rash on
his tummy which we decided was from the linens. why oh why did he have
to develop my sensitivity to just about everything in existence!

ok off to redo our blog. please be patient as we gradually re-add our
links to the site!

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