Saturday, October 11, 2008

Getting chest tube put in

We are down in cvicu. He's in the treatment room while we are sitting right outside the door. They sedated him with kedamine, and he totally zonked out. It should take 15 minutes and he should wake up about 20-30 minutes after they're done.

Honestly I'm a little bothered that there was some disagreement between the surgery team and cardiology team. If the ultimate decision is dr reddy's, then after a decision is already made by him, why is the cardiologist and NP telling me that they don't think it's necessary? It set us up to believe that the communication between them is poor and they go against dr reddy's decision.

Anyhow we absolutely trust dr reddy's decisions and know he chooses them for the right reason. If he thinks this is the bestvway to get all that fluid our, then we agree too. It just stinks for poor little Orion to have to go through another procedure so soon. But hopefully this will fix this problem fast and we can head home again.

Prayers to Orion that he will come out of this procedure okay.

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