Saturday, October 11, 2008

funny dad

bo actually pulled orion's chest tube out! well, not out of his skin, but the connecting part of the tubes separated. drops of red fluid dripped down the crib and onto the floor - yikes! this was after we have been waiting hours to "save up" some fluid in that tube to be taken out and tested. this fluid is collected in a box that has measurements marked on it, and we were trying to save a few drops in the tube before going down into that box. so after that, we had to wait some more. haha, that's what he gets for making fun of me the last surgery when i accidently kicked over that collection box. at least when i did it, nothing spilled :)

so onto orion....he is absolutely miserable! he still won't eat, only wants to drink apple juice, and only mama can hold him. he likes when dad is around to play with, but when it's time for comfort, it's gotta be mama. so i'm tired. sitting in uncomfortable chairs holding a 20lb kid does a number on my back. but as long as orion is happy, i'm ok with it. the team said they still want to keep an eye on the drainage for a couple of days, so maybe that means it can come out on monday? i hope so because we need to get home and back to normal life! orion is already at an age where he can use his imagination. which means he most definitely remembers experiences in the hospital and probably has real nightmares about them. SO SAD. he gets so hysterical now. it's not just tears, it's full on screaming, crying, turning all over in the crib trying to get away, just at the sight of a nurse. he gets so angry, and sometimes we think he's mad at us too, because he knows we brought him here :(

today was a good day though, we got moved back to 3 West, which is the unit we are always in, and it's usually cardiac patients. awesome kathy and her fam brought delicious dinner from a place i've been dying to try. it's right near our house, so now we'll be walking there regularly to get our italian fix! she was also sweet to bring us goodies for breakfast, and lizzie brought crayons and coloring pages for our little man. i was hoping orion would cheer up to see his buddy, but he had none of that. he was pretty sad the whole time. after they left, he really threw a fit, and that was that. he wore himself out and now he's fast asleep.

maybe on our way out of this place, we will celebrate by stopping at the stanford mall to pick up SPRINKLES cupcakes. that is a great idea, don't you think??? hopefully we will be home before bo's birthday on wednesday!!!!!!

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Mami Adame said...

Wish I was closer to you...I'd bake you some yummy cupcakes with lots of sprinkles for little Orion! We are praying and hoping for you to go home really soon! At least he's being feisty...that has to be a good sign!