Saturday, October 04, 2008

food in tummy = happy baby

sorry for all the individual posts of photos. it was the only way i
could do it from my phone and i wanted to share all the pics i took
today! orion is feeling much better. we still think he's having pain,
but the tylenol and motrin seem to help. he perked up and ate a ton
today! he had some cheerios, fruit, and anson brought mexican for us
tonight. orion ate a lot of bo's carnitas burrito! he snacked on some
carrots and green beans too, he is quite the veggie guy. he must have
been pretty hungry to eat all that pork.

his chest tubes are not putting out so much, so yay! we should find
out tomorrow when they want them taken out. maybe tomorow or sunday?
we also want to get his body moving, so i will check with the physical
therapist about what we can start with. his neck muscles are already
weak and he has trouble holding his head up on his own. we try to sit
him up as often as possible to strengthen those muscles. maybe
tomorrow we will do some wagon rides and take him outside to the
pretty courtyards!

anson's visit was short, but sweet. he brought some amazing food and
orion enjoyed his company. well, tried to. anson always caught him
during his cranky moments. it's always great to see your uncle though!

not much else to report. he gets weighed everyday, and surprisingly,
he still weighs about the same as when he was admitted! though he is
looking skinny and his eyes are sunken in, i hope he will pick up on
eating well again and get back to his fatty self. it's fall now and we
have all these new fall dishes to cook and eat! he is a big squash
eater, and fall is all about the squashes!

ok, bo is taking a nap, and orion is in and out of sleep. orion seems
pretty depressed and very sad most of the time, and the only thing we
can offer is to be at his side all the time. being right up against
him comforts him and keeps him calm and not so scared. bo and i take
turns being next to him.

oh! i forgot to mention we moved into another room. it's only orion
and another little baby boy, and we have a nice bed to sleep on in
here so no more reserving beds in the lounges. this will be nice
because now we can take naps while orion naps without having to leave
the room. and if he wakes, we'll be right there next to him.let's hope
for only a few more days of this!!

thanks to everyone for keeping up with our blog!

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