Sunday, October 12, 2008

doing good!

orion hasn't had much drainage today! and they weaned him off of
oxygen, and he's been on room air since this late afternoon. his sats
have been in the high 90s, even 100 at times! i took a picture because
it just seems so strange to see him at 100. but that's great! i'm glad
the weekend is over. our cardiologist will be back tomorrow and it
will be nice for him to see orion. i hope tonight goes well and that
we are closer to getting this tube out and home. orion is still
nervous being here, even when tina came he cried most of the time! :(
though she IS a doctor, orion doesn't know that and she was sad that
he was scared of her. she brought some delicious vegetarian vietnamese
food (i didn't tell bo she was bringing veggie style) and he was like
"wow, how did they get the bone out of the duck? tina gave in, she
couldn't not tell him. it was scrumptious nonetheless. orion ate a ton
of it! he had some of his own dinner of chicken noodle soup and jello
first, then ate a bunch of fake meat. i will post some funny pics of
him chowing down on jello :)

ok, time to get my coffee so i can stay up with O and bo is going to
get some much needed rest. more tomorrow!

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