Sunday, October 05, 2008

busy busy

this boy's got some major energy! he got his other chest tube out
today, so he's been on the move since! he didn't sleep much last night
after being very uncomfortable. his chest and stomach are so itchy, he
actually scratched his incision site until it bled! we decided
benadryl will lessen the itchiness and help him fall asleep (it was
2am). he fell fast asleep, but was waking up almost every 15-30
minutes until 7am. by morning, i was so exhausted from not getting
sleep, i woke up bo so we can trade shifts. bo played with orion while
i took a 2 hour nap, and orion JUST fell aleep for his nap! he was
awake from 7am to 5pm, and he was happy for the most part! i had gone
home to pick up stuff and run errands, so i brought back some of his
favorite toys. ALSO, bo's bicycle got stolen right from our carport! i
can't believe it. i have been going home every couple of days, and
even anson was staying at our place. but we figured out someone must
have stolen it yesterday (saturday). i have to work on getting a new
bike for him.

so anyway, orion's doing great. he's only got oxygen now and his pacer
wires too. they took out another IV in his foot so we can work on
walking today, so he only has one IV left in his hand. all of his meds
are now oral, but i guess they keep one IV in just in case. though
it's just about clogged anyway. hopefully they will take that out and
he will have two free hands!

today, right before nap, he was rolling around in the crib. he got
onto his tummy, crawled towards the TV remote and tried to turn on the
TV! can you see we are going to have a major problem going home to a
TV-less house....maybe we will start watching movies on a regular
basis with our projector. he has been so fascinated watching cars,
curious george, meet the robinsons, the bee movie, and many more. it's
nice the TVs here (and they are flat panels too!) have on-demand
movies, and a great selection at that.

we should be going home on tuesday! they are going to change one chest
tube dressing tomorrow, then the other dressing on tuesday, then we
get to go!!! send some love and prayers to orion for a continuous
healthy recovery and to keep on track with his wonderful progress!

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