Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wild toddler!

Poor Orion is soooooo unhappy. They extubated him ten minutes after my
last post because he was getting so feisty amf out of control. They
pulled it out in hopes of making him more comfortable, but consider
this: 1) super tired, 2)very hungry, 3) wants to be home, 4) has all
these lines all over his body, and 5) potential headaches from faster
blood flow to upper body. He is the crankiest we've ever seen! He's
been attempting to roll over, get on his tummy and crawl out of that
crib. He scared the nurses pike crazy since he's got lines going
directly into his heart plus chest tubes and more. No drugs are
working at all. His body is so used to meds that they don't work for
him. Nothing is calming down. So bo is taking over the shift while I
get some rest. I'm just a couple of hours shy from being awake for 24
hours. Let's hope Orion will wind down and get some rest too.


anson said...

I'm so glad to hear it went well, even more glad his body has reached some sort of super-human strength. I hope all of you are able to rest soon.

love you guys.
ba ba anson.

SGiles said...

Wow!!! He is a wild one!!! I am so glad to hear that everything went well...lots of Get Well hugs and kisses to Orion from Hannah!!!

God Bless,
Sharon and Hannah

Anonymous said...

okay so we are checking in for the first time (sorry so late - we didn't realize you were in surgery!).... you can't blame the little guy for wanting to get out of there - hopefully that will mean he's going to recover at record speeds so he can get back home!!! but boy, was that THE WORST part for us - trying to keep them from freaking out and keeping them from yanking the lines out! ugh. we'll be praying for him to stay healthy, strong and for you guys to stay calm and relaxed through this stressful part of the recovery!

Anonymous said...

that was us that posted the last comment. having technical difficulties with our account!

anyway, we wanted to say - you guys are probably pros at this by now (not that you want to be!) - does it ever get easier!???

lots of prayers your way....
the mannings