Monday, September 01, 2008

slowing down

we decided to approach the bottle weaning and sleep training at a slower pace. he is ok drinking soymilk now from a cup, so we are gradually getting him off formula by mixing it with water. eventually, it will just be water in a bottle and hopefully he will dislike it and give it up naturally (and happily!). for now, he is still sleeping in our bed, and he is so much happier. yesterday, his spirits seemed so down from all the crying and changes, and he just wasn't himself. i'm sure a lot of doctors out there could tell us that it won't affect his future and how much he loves us, but man, it's tough to see the sadness in his poor little brown eyes. we are much happier seeing him smile and be playful, and it's worth the extra little body in our bed :) as long as he can start sleeping through the night without asking for a bottle, he can probably start sleeping in his bed after that.

so, after two days of researching non-dairy milk, i finally settled on a brand that is easily accessible and high in calories, fat, protein, and calcium. silk plus offers all the nutrients i was looking for, and they sell it at the local market. of course, there were a couple of other brands that i preferred to get, but i couldn't find it anywhere. plus, we already know orion likes drinking silk, i am just bummed costco doesn't sell it anymore. we are going to offer him soymilk for now, and we will try giving him cow's milk again later down the road. he seems to be allergic to milk protein (not milk sugar as i am), but i read that it's usually not permanent for kids.

other than that, we are all doing great. today orion and i finally went to one of dad's soccer games, and even better stephen took part in today's game. orion had such a blast playing around in the grass and kicking the numerous amounts of balls on the sidelines. it definitely wore him out and he was in bed by 8pm - hooray! i need to do that every night :)

i am pooped out too from our eventful day, so i am signing off. hope everyone had a great labor day weekend and enjoyed your day off.

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