Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Just finshed rounds! They are taking him off milrinone which will
allow for them to take the RA line out later this afternoon. Yeah!
That means we can finally hold him after that! He is also ready for
liquids, so once he wakes up he can finally have a little drink! He
will be so happy. There is also talk about moving him to step-down
tomorrow. This is awesome! I'm trying not to get too excited so we
don't jinx it, but things are going smoothly. As the wonderful head
nurse said "I like this admission so far." me too! I said. Everyone
here has known us since orions birth and has seen us struggle through
rough times. Its good to be in a place that knows orions history so
well as well as understands our dedication as his parents.

Bo is taking a nap now, he was up all night while I got a 6-hr stretch
of sleep. Can't wait to bring our little man home :)


kenny said...

This is great news! It seems like he is doing amazing! Totally a trooper and definitely a fighter, as evidenced by the continued attempts to sleep on his belly =).

Anonymous said...

So so happy to hear that Orion is doing so well. He is an amazing fighter.
Suzanne & Ashley