Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun stuff, scary stuff

First the fun stuff! Earlier this afternoon, Orion must have been
having some happy dreams. Out of nowhere he raised one arm as if
holding a guitar, took his other hand to pretend strumming, and then
started singing and oooohing! We were happy to see him do his favorite
thing, even in his sleep. After waking up, he was pretty relaxed and
cheerful, and continued with sign language, asking for a bottle,
signing "eat," waving hello to everyone, and making that funny face he
doescwhen the camera comes out. He even motioned the itsy bitsy spider
as I sang. We knew he was feeling better and not so scared anymore.

Scary stuff: Orion got too large of a dose of morphine. He instantly
knocked out and became too sedated. Though he was still breathing, he
was not taking deep enough breaths to receive adequate oxygen because
his body was over suppressed. I was watching the monitors and his
normal oxygen levels of 95 dropped fast to 59. I alerted the nurse,
she called the dr immediately, and when he arrived, he gave Orion a
reverse agent that would wake him up. During all this, the nurse is
manually pumping air into orion's mouth with a bag, alarms are going
off, people are rushing in to help, and I'm freaking out! Bo had
stepped out for a minute, and the nurse can see panic in my eyes. Just
as I was about to text bo to rush back, he already walked in and
panicked not being aware of what was going on. Orion returned to
normal pace, but was still quite sedated. After things calmed down,
the doctor came to first apologize for the incident. Apparently, since
he was in such an uncomfortable state last night, it took high doses
of drugs to get comfortable. Today, Orion was feeling much better, but
the doses were never changed to fit his comfort level for today, so
basically he received an overdose of morphine. The dr was very
apologetic amdvsaid this should have never happened. He also said it
will not harm his body, and he will slowly come off the morphine
within the hour. Phew, we were pretty scared at that moment, but we
also know that it was minor and not a setback at all.

After an hour, Orion woke up and has been a champ. He's enjoying
watching food network with mom and chatting with the other babies in
the room. He also had a nice visit from Ryan and Verike and their
sweet surprise! A panda lunchbox full of goodies! He likes his new
monkey, book, and cool superman tee plus his favorite sippy cup and
special set of travel cutlery. Mom will never lose a spoon again :)
they were very sweet to bring dinner (Thai is our fave) so our tummies
are full and happy. Thanks guys!

Well Orion is off to dreamland, and so is bo. I'm just here keeping
the nurses company ;) we are still in the 48-hr post-op critical time,
but he is doing great so far! The RA line will probably come out
tomorrow too. His chest tubes have slowed down on output, so we will
see when we make it to step down!

More updates later....


SGiles said...

Yay Orion!!!!! I can only hope that Hannah will do so well after her next operation!!! As for the scary stuff, the exact same thing happened to Hannah after her Glenn. The nurse gave her a whole shift's worth of morphine in one dose. It is scary how common this can be...
Thanks for all of the updates...I logged on as soon as I got up this morning!

Anonymous said...

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