Monday, September 29, 2008

Flailing arms at peace

This crazy one has been itching to pull out his breathing tube. His
body is so used to drugs, normal doses don't work for him. They had to
push his doses pretty high to keep him calm and not pull any lines
out. When awake he tries hard to flip over to sleep on his tummy. Poor

We are waiting for the attending to come by to decide if the breathing
tube will be taken out or if they will keep him sedated until early

Chris and sara came by and brought us yummy creamy pasta I was
craving. Thanks guys! Looking forward to getting out of here and
cooking you guys a nice dinner at our place for a change :)

I am just sitting bedside while bo is out in the hall finishing up
some work. Hopefully we can get a little nap in (I am living off of
one hour of sleep last night) and replenish. Will update when they
take the tube out.

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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

wow. what can i say? it is so hard to watch ur baby go through heart surgery and recovery, and you guys are doing champs. we are holding u in our thoughts and prayers.
justin, victoria, and moriah