Monday, September 08, 2008

early start and surgery date

the assessment went well! orion quickly warmed up to the three sweet ladies that came over. he discovered so many fun toys they brought, and we also discovered we have a well-advanced boy! because most of his skills were of a 25-month-old, he is not eligible for services. but they are trying to get him to qualify under "risk factors" since he will be having a surgery soon.

today's echo showed no changes. the right ventricle is still small, even though pressures are lower. doctors decided it is best to have orion get the glenn done, especially when he is showing good signs of health instead of waiting until he is worse. so the date of sept 29 sticks. sigh....

on that note, since we have about 3 weeks until then, we are going to visit my new little nephew! i want to come supplied with food, clothes, and goodies for him, so this week we will probably take a trip out to some fun baby stores. can't wait!

also, my parents have been staying with us since friday. my mom is having an amazing time with orion - she doesn't get to see him as often as bo's mom does. orion is just loving her so much and enjoying her company. we are also getting some great vietnamese home-cooked meals, and she has stocked our fridge, freezer, and pantry with so much food! we can feed an army!

i also forgot to mention we spent yesterday at the san francisco zoo! my dad had way more fun than i expected. i had forgotten he was a nature type of man, and he was all over the flamingos, rhinos, and tigers. orion was so intrigued by all the big and little animals, it totally wore him out and he missed the big zebras and giraffes. maybe the next time anson and vincent come, we can all go back and see them again. definitely need to post pics soon!!

orion's new words this week: "more bubbles" and "car." that tells you what he's into right now :)

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