Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Date changed again!

There seemed to have been some miscommunication between cardiology and
the surgery team. The surgeon's office didn't know orion's surgery was
rescheduled to sept 23 and still had him down for sept 9. I got a call
today being asked to do pre-op again. After discussing the date, she
said sept 23 was already booked, Orion was never written for that
date, and the next available slot is sept 29. Orion is now on for sept
29 and our cardiologist is aware.

I'm in the car right now while bo is at a dr's appt to finally get his
shoulder checked. He thinks he has a hairline fracture from soccer
about 3-4 weeks ago. After this, we're headed to SF for dinner out
with some family. It will be nice to escape the 90 degree weather!!

Tomorrow morning we have an early start assessment in our home. Early
start is a state program that helps kids that need assistance with
physical and mental development. I hope Orion qualifies! He did not
when we lived in SF county.

That's all for now, check back tomorrow for an early start update :)

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Victoria Nelson said...

wow...i can't believe the date has been changed so many times! i hope this doesn't happen to us since we're going to be coming from out of town. can't wait to finally meet you guys!