Sunday, September 28, 2008

almost ready

tomorrow is the big day. we are first case, so we have to be there early. orion is already asleep and dad is taking a nap with him. i spent the whole week preparing the house - cleaning, antibacterial-ing everything, cleaning out the fridge, grocery shopping for snacks and water to bring with us as well as frozen foods ready for us at home when we get back, and endless amounts of laundry. we've also had plenty of visitors and tried to fit in some fun stuff along the way.

we started out the week with a trip to the beach. orion loved it!! he wasn't too excited about getting his feet wet, but he didn't hate it either. but he absolutely loved the sand. he spent a couple of hours throwing sand at mom and dad, and we also dug a big hole that he enjoyed sitting in. he cried endlessly when it was time for us to head home.

we also took a trip to cb2 in SF - one of the few stores in the nation! i knew exactly what i wanted, and i "needed" to have them before surgery, haha. orion actually hated that store. i spent about 2.5 hours there, talk about boring for a little rambunctious boy! he still had his fun by leaving a trail of cheerios on their immaculate floors as we walked out with our giant orange bag of goodies.

zarni and keith came up on friday, and we all had a nice breakfast at home with all my new cb2 dishes! we need visitors more often, it's very rare that i cook a yummy breakfast of pancakes, breakfast burritos, fresh fruit, and coffee. they spent the morning playing with orion, and he just had loads of fun with them. i told zarni i would be happy to hire him as our live-in nanny :)

next came grandma and grandpa! poor grandma caught a cold on her way over here, so she did not get to spend a whole lot of one-on-one time with her grandson. she is heading back earlier than planned with this little bug that she's got. but they did arrive in style with a new toy!! he is so in love with this alphabet train that he got. he's been playing with it non-stop.

i still need to start packing our things - clothes for everyone, orion's bottles, cups, utensils, favorite toys, and snacks. over the last few days, we have been reorganizing the whole apartment so it is more comfortable for orion when he comes home. our one-bedroom was originally split into two rooms: orion had his own room with his crib and all his toys, and we turned the living room into our bedroom. he slept fine in his room, up until his cath in june. since then, he has been very attached to us and refused to sleep in his crib. finally, we decided, we might as well all be in the bedroom! so we made a huge switch: orion's crib is now a toddler bed, we have our bed next to his, and all of his toys are out in the living room. it is overwhelmingly crazy and looks like a day care! sometimes i just can't stand looking at it! i have been sorting through old toys he doesn't play with anymore, and i plan on donating it to the rummage sale that happens monthly, and all the proceeds go to LPCH. having said that, there are random things laying around the house that haven't found its place yet. so i'd really love to get all this stuff squared away so we can come home to a cozy, organized, clean house. i suppose i call it "pre-op nesting."

anyhow, orion can't eat any solids past midnight, and he can only have clears until 4am. he is going to be so angry by morning! he always wakes up starving at 7am and ready for a big breakfast. we'll see how tomorrow goes. oh lucky orion! he just woke up so i gave him a bottle of milk. normally he drinks water in the night, but hopefully this will fill up his stomach a bit.

thanks again to everyone for thinking of orion, and sending so much love his way. the next few weeks are going to be a very trying time for all of us. orion has so much to go through, and he is such a strong trooper! we are praying for a successful, timely hospital stay. i will try to post updates as i get them, so check our blog often!

lots of love,
the aye team

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