Saturday, August 30, 2008

whoa, lots of changes at home!

now that orion is 18 months and becoming quite independent, we decided it was time for him to grow up. starting today, we are getting him off the bottle and sleep training. what does this entail? lots of crying and reminders that we, as parents, need to stay firm and consistent! we just experienced our first "cry it out" moment. before, when he had tantrums, we'd let him cry and eventually he would get over whatever was bothering him and he'd move on. we were hesitant to do it with sleep before because he had a tendency to vomit if he cried too much, and we just didn't want that. today was a big day.

orion's been sleeping in our bed with us. he refuses to sleep in his own. for his first nap today, we decided to put him in his crib, no bottle (he ALWAYS goes to sleep with a bottle. i know i know, tooth decay!). i was checking on him every minute to let him know he's alright and mama is here, but it seemed to make him cry more and more. after about 15 minutes of doing that, i just stopped coming in the room and instead would just talk to him from the hall. it didn't seem to make a difference, so i just stopped talking to him all together. i still listened for him in case he would vomit, but he was fine! after 50 minutes of crying and sadness, he finally fell asleep!! not too bad, i was expecting two hours of this. i hope it gets easier.

as for formula, our pediatrician said to start him on milk since he is pretty much caught up on his height (he finally made it on the chart!) and he is still following his own curve on his weight. since he has reactions to regular cow's milk (rash and vomiting), we opted to try goat's milk since it is high in fat and calorie content. he is still vomiting from goat's, so now i am researching what non-dairy milk has the highest fat, calorie, and protein content. this is a tough project!

now, on to potty training. he is showing a big interest in his potty, after all it does play music and does all sorts of things. he has been pointing to his diaper moments before going, so that is an excellent sign. he's sat on his potty a few times, but it's so hard to keep him still!

so many new changes at home, but it's for the better. it's definitely stressful, but i'm sure it will be satisfying and worth all the sadness and heartache once he's done with the training stage.

more updates later!

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