Friday, August 08, 2008


ICU is still full, so orion will most likely have his surgery scheduled for next week. they usually don't do procedures on weekends, but there is a chance dr. reddy will want to do it on saturday. we should hear from the team sometime today or early next week with a date.

that said, orion was ok to eat, and he was starving! his last drink of milk was at 5am, and he had a small dinner last night, so he was a hungry hippo! he's now enjoying his time with his uncles, and today will be a relaxing day. hopefully we will get word soon because we do not like waiting!!

bo's family has been staying at a hotel, but they are checking out today because they were going to stay at our apt while we were in the hospital. they are still sticking to the plan, so we are going to have a full house! orion will be so happy, excited, and worn out!

will blog again when we get a date :)

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kenny said...

Good luck guys! Tell the fambam I said hello!