Monday, August 18, 2008

Surgery moved again, but this time it's actually a good thing!

Quick and dirty: Tomorrow was going to be the big day, but we got a call from the surgery team today around noon, the date is changed (again) to friday 1st case... BUT ORION JUST LEARNED TO WALK YESTERDAY, he took three little steps and hasn't stopped trying since... so now we got a few more days to practice his new milestone.

What's going on here (long, usually means Bo's writing, i need to learn to get to the point):
My parents came up last weekend from So Cal to take care of some school stuff for my little brother at SFSU and Orion had a blast. As always O ate what seemed like 10 times his little body weight (the weeks before he was on a self-imposed diet of small amounts of fruit) and he also developed leaps and bounds. Saturday he said his first 3-sylable-word, BA-NA-NA! Sunday was even a bigger day. Sunday, while my parents were in SF, I was playing with O with his favorite toy, his guitar. I was holding the guitar strumming it, thinking of what was supposed to happen tuesday and I look up and Orion was on all fours in the middle of the room, stuck his but in the air,  pushed off the ground with his hands, and stood right up. It really didn't register with me that he just stood up on his own for the first time! He had this huge grin on his face, waiting for a reaction from me. I said to him, "what are you smiling at, are you up to som...." then it hit me he was nowhere near anything to hold on to and standing on his own in the middle of the room. I yelled "Tawny! Tawny! Come look! He got up on his own!" Tawny came in from the kitchen and saw him standing there. Orion let our a huge squeal of happiness (he's been squealing when he gets super excited). That's when he took three little waddling steps towards me (about a foot of travel) and then fell forward onto his hands. He scooted over to the guitar used it to stand up, so I backed up to give him some room, and he waddled some more towards the guitar. Since sunday afternoon, he's now able to turn (both ways, not like Zoolander), back up, and do squats. He longest travel was from the living room into the hallway, he backed up a bit (he overshot his turn) turned left into the bedroom, and straight to his toys (about 10-12 yards in total, we have a very small place). He tends to get over excited and looses his balance (like his dad), he only likes walking when there's an accompaniment of guitar playing, and if he can, he usually dives the last 1-2 feet to his destination (with his big head, this could get pretty dangerous). And just a few hours ago... he learned the word every parent wants to keep from their toddler, "NOOOO-no-no-no-no-no-no-no." (he says it just like that)

These last few weeks we've been on the edge of our seats. Getting ready, anxiety building up, and then starting all over again when the date is changed. Every time I think of O's upcoming surgery my heart starts racing, my stomach feels sick, and it gets worse the closer to surgery the date gets. I never knew that thinking about something so much can make you so tired, but boy it's draining! This is our first "planned surgery," our first surgery as an outpatient, all of O's other surgeries beside his first one at 5 days old were clinic visit->admitted->cath->surgery. It's hard to concentrate on anything else. The pace at which I work becomes greatly affected, and its worse when you work hard to clear a few days, just to find out that his surgery is moved again. We have also kept Orion from going anywhere for the last two weeks, avoiding germy areas, especially where there is lots of kids. Our fridge has been kept deliberately empty for the last week so that food won't go bad while we were in the hospital, but now I think we'll just go grocery shopping. So today, after hearing the news, we decided to get our mind of of things. In fact today we decided to take a family trip (the first one in about 3 weeks) to IKEA (of course being super careful of sick people, kids, old people, pretty much avoiding any people, and riding with the stroller's hood down)! It was fun, we got some planters for seed packets from the Lewis' and two little plants. Tawny picked one out for me, all crazy and all over the place, and I picked one out for her, strong, but cute and dainty.

Hopefully the date and time on Friday stick. The PA that called us to tell us the "bad" news said for sure friday 1st case, but knowing the way a hospital works (and this one runs at 95% capacity all the time), its not totally for sure, for one, they need to make sure there is a bed for him in the CVICU. Right now, we're a little relaxed. I think the anxiety will kick in about Wednesday or Thursday, but seeing Orion walk has taken our minds of the surgery for the time being (for me its now on better child proofing the house). Check back this blog... I am uploading a video of Orion walking (but its two file, 9 mins each, 64mb each, so it will take a while).


Mami Adame said...

WOW!!!!! How exciting! Way to go Orion!

Diana Shieh said...

omg i cant wait to see the video! post it on facebook! next time i see you guys, i'll be chasing him around the restaurant rather than him just pounding the table from the highchair :) congrats orion!!