Sunday, August 10, 2008

ready to go, just in case

everything is packed and the house is clean. there is still a chance orion can be second case tomorrow (monday). i'd like to be ready if they call us in the morning and tell us to be at the hospital in the afternoon. i am sitting at the table listening to the whir of the dishwasher, sterilizing his bottles, cups, and utensils so i can bring them. bo and i honestly don't want it to be tomorrow night - we'd like to spend the day with orion and have more prep time, mentally and physically.

on another note, another cardiac family i met through a support group recently received wonderful news that their daughter is a candidate for surgery! i was so excited to read the news, their daughter has had quite a life so far, and i know she deserves many more years ahead. you can read more about the nelsons, the link to their blog is on our "links" list to the right. please send love and prayers their way too, they are a sweet family!

i am headed to bed. i've got a lot of fun activities planned for orion over the next days until surgery. i discovered a site for toddler activities which has given me some great ideas! need my rest for all the fun :)

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Mami Adame said...

I'm hoping you are not at hosp yet, so you can get your play time with Orion! There's never enough time is there?
Thanks for the tip on toddler activities!