Saturday, August 30, 2008

ok so maybe the "cry it out" method is not for us

by orion's second nap, it was a no. he threw up twice and kept choking on his own saliva. so i took him out of the crib after 45 minutes and he just continued to play. for bedtime, i put him in the crib after he was already bathed and sleepy. he started crying immediately, then he had a different cry, and i realized he was banging his mouth on the crib! he started to do it harder, so i went in to get him to stop, and the crib was all bloody! talk about freaking out a mom. since he's on aspirin as a blood thinner, he bleeds much easier and longer too. it was so scary to see him like that. needless to say, he is asleep in our bed now. sigh....

at least he is not have a bottle the entire day today. we will see how he does tonight. he usually wakes up a few times in the night, and a bottle always gets him back to sleep. hopefully he won't need it anymore.

bo's parents are driving up as i type, and they should be arriving in a few hours. we will be seeing them in the morning and going up to stephen's for a little visit.

hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


Nik said...

wow, what an experience! poor lil guy. hmmmm. i struggle with the whole sleep thing. we never really cared much for the cry it out approach, which is why we have a 3.5 year old in our bed! you know what, jude will cry til he vomits too, which is another reason, we never were comfortable with that method. this parenting thing is a tough gig, isn't it! lots of luck to you guys with the transitioning endeavors.

have a great weekend tawny and family!

Little Baby Manning said...

okay, i have too much to say since i haven't checked in on you for awhile so i'm sending you an e-mail! and thanks for voting :)

Little Baby Manning said...
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