Monday, August 11, 2008

not even close?!

just heard from dr. reddy's office to be told the surgeon is booked solid through september!!!! they need to sit down with dr. reddy and try to fit orion in somehow. this is really frustrating! when we first learned orion needed this procedure done, we were told they wanted to do it within 6 weeks or so. now that it has been delayed twice, we honestly don't want this to be postponed so late that it becomes an emergency visit to the hospital! we completely trust the team at LPCH and know they will make a timely decision. it's just hard on us to not know when it's going to happen and we are anxiously waiting every minute!!! we really hope to learn more soon, and we'll be sure to post an update. thank you to everyone for all your love and support through all of this :)

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SGiles said...

Tawny, I cannot imagine the rollercoaster you guys have been on! Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers, and we hope that you get your date soon.