Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not enough CVICU beds...

We got a call about 5 mins ago from the surgery team, there's not enough ICU beds for O tomorrow. This means if he were to go into surgery in the morning, there would be nowhere for him to go after, which would not be good. Lucile Packard runs at 95% capacity all the time, so this is not a surprise, just a let down. But last thing we'd want is for an ICU patient to be sent to the step down unit too early, we know what that can be like, and its no fun.

The results: everything gets pushed back 7 hours and we wait on a phone call to see if surgery is still going to happen tomorrow afternoon. No solid food after 7am (instead of 12am) and only clear liquids until 10am. This is much harder since O wakes up at 8am and eats his breakfast usually at 9am. The lil guys going to be starved in the morning =(

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Janelle said...

Good luck!!! Thinking of y'all!