Friday, August 08, 2008

no surgery date yet

we did not hear from anyone today, so we are pretty sure orion's surgery will be next week, earliest would be tuesday. hopefully we'll hear from someone on monday because we do not like waiting!! orion didn't seem to mind the change. he enjoyed his day with another playdate with lizzie and fun playtime with the aye family. we have a full house today, so orion will wake up cheery knowing that his grandparents and uncles are here.

we also haven't taken orion out anywhere for fear of risking a cold being caught. we can't have that right now!!! so we keep him at home, and i think he's getting restless not being able to go out anywhere. poor kid. he just wants to be a toddler - out and about at parks and all the normal daily things. hopefully soon.

i am pretty tired from the day today, probably more the emotional stress wearing us out than actual physical tiredness. bo and i both took a much needed nap with O today.

will post more as soon as we hear any news.

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Victoria Nelson said...

just want you to know that we're thinking about u guys. we're totally having the same emotions. just know u are all on our hearts and in our prayers. love always,
justin, victoria, and moriah