Friday, August 08, 2008

the day before

we spent the entire day playing and having fun. we had a sweet playdate with lizzie this morning that totally zonked orion out, then grandma and grandpa came over for some coffee and breakfast while orion napped. at noon, he had physical therapy, and they really worked him hard! 45 minutes into it, he decided to take a water break and pretty much rested until the end of the session. came home and grandma made some tasty burmese lunch and orion played some more. he's so excited and happy that finally there is someone around that really knows how to play the guitar. thanks eddie and grandpa! after all that playing, he needed another nap, and mama took one too. during that nap, we missed a very important phone call from the hospital! orion's surgery has been delayed again since ICU is completely full and there is no bed space. he can have clear liquids up until 10am friday morning, and we should be getting a call from the surgery team to get an update on when his surgery will be. i think that put me in a frenzy, more stress and frustration, so i ended up madly cleaning the house again. with the delays, i decided to just take things easy, let orion have fun with the family, and skip his usual routine of playtime, bath, then bed. he's finally down for bedtime with dad cuddling next to him while i still pack our stuff anyway in case we need to leave in the morning. right now, i think i'm on my fifth load of laundry for the day! just want to have everything taken care of so when we get back from the hospital, there isn't anything that needs to be done in the house.

i am actually tired, which is a surprise, since usually i can't sleep very well before any kind of procedure. i should take advantage of this moment and get some sleep! will post an update as soon as we hear from the team.

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