Wednesday, August 13, 2008


we finally got a date — friday august 22. though i don't know if it's completely for sure. i spoke with dr. reddy's assistant and she said the next available date is sept 22, but dr. reddy wants to try to schedule orion in next friday. let's hope this date sticks. we are also waiting to hear if we need to do pre-op again. i don't want to because last time, it took about 7 hours and included a lot of running around and going to this clinic, to that clinic....

now having a date, we don't have to be anxiously waiting on our toes anymore. even though we are still nervous about this surgery and have all the same mixed feelings we always do, at least we know when it's going to happen.

the last few days have been quite restless for orion since all the family has gone back home and he has no one but us to play with. i finally gave in and decided to take him out shopping so he can get out of the house. so far no sickness, hooray! it's getting really warm here too, especially with no A/C , so i may need to resort to some indoor stores to keep him cool.

bo's parents and stephen will be back this weekend, and dr. tina has no work and wants to visit. this will be nice for orion (and us too!). we love having visitors, even if it's by phone, email, or commenting on our blog! which reminds many of you are visiting our blog, but we get only a few comments! we appreciate all the readers and would love to hear from you, any thoughts you have, or even if you just want to say hi. we love reading them, and they are especially inspiring and uplifting when we go through rough times during hospital stays.

anyway, orion is in bed early tonight after a long day of hard playing and no sleep! this gives me a lot of time for housework and maybe even going to bed early myself. good night for now!

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SGiles said...

We're keeping our fingers crossed that this date sticks!!! Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts your way!!!!