Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big week: New date number 7, New Cousin, and our orchid is blooming!

The last two weeks, have been very good for O. He has been learning so much and eating so well compared to the weeks prior. We went into clinic at the heart center on monday, and Orion looked so good, and was so active, and his o2 sats were at 96%(when discharged from the last hospital it was in the 80%), that our cardiologist and surgery team decided to postpone Orion's operation another 2 weeks, to see if this energy and and eating was just a two week stint, or if he is actually getting better. The weeks prior to the last 2 Orion was tired all the time eating no solids and very grumpy (especially at night), all symptoms of his heart not doing so well. So the new tentative surgery date is September 23. If in two weeks, when we return to the heart center, Orion still looks good and his ecco looks like its getting better (there was a bulge in the wall between his right and left atrium showing signs that the pressure in his right atrium was high, this was, at the time, backed up with a cath that showed the pressure was indeed high), they will push back the surgery again. They don't want Orion to get this next operation unless he really needs to, and we totally agree!

On another note, Orion got a new baby cousin this morning at 4:40am! Marko Tomljenovic (son of Mick and Alice, Tawny's big sis), 7.4oz, from what we heard, he looks like his grandpa! We are so excited and can't wait to meet him.

Oh, and our orchid is blooming for the first time since we got it, despite our laziness to go buy it Orchid food.

Big Week!

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Nik said...

how encouraging! so happy to hear little orion is doing well enough to postpone surgery. also, congratulations on your new little nephew!