Monday, June 02, 2008

the usual day

friends sometimes ask me what a typical day is like for me, so here's what we did today!

7:15am rise and shine, orion!

i brought him into our bed this morning to just hang out and relax with us. we were finally out of bed at 7:45am. we all brush our teeth together!

7:45am coffee for mama, breakfast for orion. he did not eat much this morning, so we moved on.

8:00am medicine time! and play time. reading books on the floor, practicing walking along furniture and walls while mama does computer work and washing and sterilizing bottles.

9:30am daddy has a doctors appt, wave bye to daddy!

10:15am orion takes a nap. time to tidy up and clean the apt.

11:00am orion wakes up already?! he usually naps for at least 1.5 hours maybe 2.

11:30am trying lunch since orion did not eat any breakfast. no interest.

12:00pm daddy's home. appt went well!

12:30pm family trip to target. my original reason for going was to pick up orion's vitamin drops, and we walked out of the store with everything else but that! so i have to go back tomorrow....we also stopped at trader joe's for some groceries then headed home.

2:30pm trying lunch again for orion. he ate everything! peanut butter sandwich and soy yogurt. he doesn't like regular milk or yogurt, so i decided to try soy and he was very happy with it.

3:15pm orion naps again. time for me to do lots and lots of laundry way overdue. i manage to get 3 loads done. in between laundry loads, i clean out the fridge, tidy up table, and peel and cut a giant watermelon. oops, forgot to give orion 2pm medicine, so he'll get it later.

4:45pm orion wakes up! cuddle for a little bit then head to the table again for a snack. he started out with some cheese and soy choco milk and finished off with watermelon.

5:30pm mama is getting tired and can barely keep eyes open. asks for a 10-minute nap which turns into a 45-minute nap. while i get some rest, daddy and orion play in the bedroom.

6:15pm mama wakes up with allergies! peek in the room and see daddy has also fallen asleep for a little bit while orion strums his guitar. i bring him out into the kitchen while i get dinner ready.

7:00pm we all sit down for a nice dinner. we still have leftovers from when grandma was here, so dinner is easy. orion eats two plates of rice and more soy choco milk. he dances to the dinner music (teitur!).

7:45pm bathtime! orion and i get in the tub with his blocks and foam alphabet letters and numbers. he sticks them all over the place, even on me, but sadly they do not stick on me. he starts to rub his eyes sleepily, so we finish up the bath. during bathtime, dad is setting up his new office area in our apt. lots of wires and equipment everywhere.

8:15pm daddy takes orion out and dresses him in pjs while i clean up. orion needs 8pm meds and he fights it. only dad can get him to take it without a fuss.

8:30pm mama cleans up orion's room while orion gets ready for bed. he seems to have a bit of trouble falling asleep on his own, so i hang out near his crib until he falls asleep.

9:15pm orion's asleep! ok, now it's time for me to clear the dinner table, wash dishes, wash bottles, make orion's formula for the night, and get his medicine ready for the next day.

9:45pm done with all orion's stuff! now it's time to fold the laundry, i never got to that. dad is still setting up office, so space is a little limited. i decide to blog instead.

10:37pm current time! i am finished blogging :)

will most likely just finish laundry and will try not to be on the computer for too long.

phew, where did the day go?! and that's how the aye house goes!

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