Thursday, June 12, 2008

surgery is scheduled

we got the call from our cardiologist yesterday afternoon, shortly after being discharged. orion's surgery will be on july 18. we have to go in for pre-op stuff, so we'll be at the hospital july 17 at 730am. five more weeks! we are going to make the most of it until that day comes. spend a week in so cal with family and friends, i'd like to take orion to the beach since he's never been before, we are hoping to take our first "family weekend getaway" trip while we drive down.

since being back home, orion has been quite the brat. i think he's gotten used to all the babying, from when he was sick just a couple of weeks ago, then having his cath. he's also at that age, learning that he can be manipulative and also to say no (he only shows it by shaking his head, he doesn't actually say no). he goes into this hysterical whining, most of the time no tears, and it seems to never end!! it drives mommy absolutely crazy. hopefully he will get out of this stage soon.

some fun things he's doing: he understands a lot of words and phrases. if you say "brush your teeth" he'll use his finger and pretend he's brushing his teeth. he can point to his nose if you ask him to. if you say "kiss" he'll blow a kiss. he can now pull himself up on his own and also sit up on his own from lying down, but he can't sit down on his own. he does this a lot in the crib, so when it's time for a nap or bedtime, he refuses to sleep because all he wants to do is practice.

we've got many busy days ahead of us - orion is now getting physical therapy in our new county, and so far orion really like his new therapist (probably because he provided all of orion's favorite toys on the first day). we are having another heart babies of the bay meeting, so that will be fun. then it's father's day! we've got so much in the works, i really hope i finish everything by sunday! i better get to sleep so i can get a fresh start tomorrow :)

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Little Baby Manning said...

wow. i had a lot to catch up on! so another one huh!? this is one tough kid. well we will be checking in on you and your family has just become a part of ours and we pray for you all the time :)

these little heart babies just plug along, don't they? sweet spirits - that's for sure! we're watching mason's valve and that will determine our next surgery. so we pretty much don't think about it until they tell us it's time. we would love to see you guys but don't want to at lpch anytime soon. hope you guys will be in and out this time!