Thursday, June 26, 2008

Father's Day, Trip Down South, and the countdown begins...

Wow, two weeks gone, three and a half weeks left until Ori's surgery! It's funny how our calender is based on how far away Orion's surgeries are. Its almost like school where you have no idea what month or day it is but know exactly how many weeks or days until schools out. Except in our case, its more apprehension than excitement. I'm sure time will become more apparent as O's surgery date approaches.

Father's Day: 

I'll start where tawny left off... Father's day was a blast! I got up early to finish my work so I could spend the day hanging out with the fam. We just lounged around the house, or rather I did, Tawny did her usual cooking, cleaning, taking care of Orion. I woke up to a bunch of surprises, new sandals, thin PJ's for this global-warming-summer-heat, and a spider-man themed bathroom! Spider-man was my favorite comic book growing up, and there was spider-man stickers, a hand towel, a soap dispenser AND a toothbrush-holder. (If you know tawny well, turning her cute decorated bathroom into spidey-land is ludicrous, that's the kind of sweetie Tawny is. ). Normally an adult man in a hetro-marrage has no control over the decorations of the only bathroom. If he were single, he still wouldn't be able to have this stuff—if a girl he brought home saw a total spiderman bathroom, she would most likely be out the door. Now I wake up to a nostalgic bathroom, sometimes I feel like I should brush on my knees to get the full effect! Then, for lunch, she made her world famous (my world) turkey burgers, and seriously these burgers are so good, I ate 2 full burgers with all the trim and one plain patty. The tryptophan kicked in and we all took a little nap. Then for dinner tawny was going to make mac and cheese from scratch, but the turkey overcame us and Korean food sounded almost as good and much easier. past Orion's bedtime we headed to eat at a Korean place in Sunnyvale. Good food, Noisy (which means kid friendly), and spicy, even Orion loved it until he started to get sleepy.

Our trip down south (check out our pics):

The next day we headed down south to visit all the extended family. While we were down there, tawny got her haircut, visited Anson (tawny's brother), Vincent (anson's son), Izzy (vincent's mom), Alice (tawny's sister), Mick (Alice's husband, and Marco (Alice and Mick's soon-to-be-born son). Alice is due in September and we hope to be down south and meet Marco face-to-face on his birthday. We also went to my little brother Stephen's graduation. He will be attending SFSU this coming fall, so congrats on a great job and getting the position of on-call peninsula babysitter. While we were there tawny, my sister and I also attended Dean and Negin's wedding. Dean is the older brother to my best friend Ali. We've been friends for over 16 years now. Sorry if we missed you while we were down there, we had a packed schedule.

Our short trip down south was packed and busy, but fun, and was also cut short by our first "family vacation." We went to Cambria, a little quaint town just south of Monterey and minutes from hertz castle. We really just stopped for a rest and checked out the little shops on main st. We stayed at the Bluebird Inn (the only place that accepts kids?!). We liked our hotel and out trip very much, and came back with decorating ideas for our apt, and a better idea of how to plan for a trip with a one year old. We hurried home the next day after arrival for a OT appointment Palo Alto (one in which the OT said we were doing exceptionally well and that she wont have to see us again, bummer we could have stayed in Cambria a day longer!). It was nice hearing from someone "professional" and with a badge that we are doing ok as parents, at least in Orion's eating department, usually we leave the therapy appointments thinking to ourselves, we don't do enough for you Orion! Hopefully we'll be back to Cambria in the near future, this time not so rushed. 

Today grandma and Stephen came up north to go through SFSU orientation, Orion had a blast as usual from visitors, and I  spent most of the day resting, trying to recover from a little Lupus Flare.

Our Next Three Weeks:

So far we've packed a lot in the two weeks after O's cath, and three weeks left are going to be concentrated on making O strong, getting him to say and understand a few more words, and hopefully walking or coming close to walking, (we keep getting set back for the last 6 months on this). Keep your fingers crosses and check back often!


Diana Shieh said...

just checked out your pics on flickr and omg is orion brushing his own teeth now?? i love that picture of bo hugging tawny when she was doing the laundry. i swear, only tawny could make chore-clothes look trendy with that neon green hankerchief on! you guys all look so great and i know orion will go into this next surgery physically and mentally stronger than ever before. cant wait to see you all soon! until then, my best goes out to little O.

diana shieh said...

oops i meant "i love that picture of orion hugging tawny"

Little Baby Manning said...

checking in!!! have you had surgery!??? we sure hope everything is going good with you!!! lots of love -