Saturday, May 31, 2008

TAWNY is sick in bed!

i'm so anxious to sterilize this entire apt because the stomach virus has now been passed on to me. but bo is making me stay in bed so i can rest up and get better faster. i can't stand a germy house, plus we are trying to get orion's room decorated, things are in a bit of a shamble. but i will listen to my hubby and hang in bed with my laptop.

orion is doing much better now, and his cath was rescheduled to june 9th. dr. perry wants to do it himself, and he will be out of the country in june, so he said the sooner the better. argh, i guess it's best to just get it over with. i just hate seeing orion in the hospital and having to go through yet another procedure, especially so soon. it has to be done eventually though. soooo....i am PRAYING things go well so we can go to OC for stephen's graduation!! i care about him more than he probably thinks i do, and i'm really excited to see him walk - it's a big accomplishment! very proud of him :)

grandma aye was just here, she spent some great time with orion. she arrived with tons of books, and he said so many new words while she was here! he was gesturing to get out of the highchair, so i told him to say "mama up" so he said "up." he's been saying "daddy" lately which is a great step up from "dad" - two syllables is awesome! then he pointed at my hair and it sounded like he said "airplane"? not sure about that one. i also asked him "where's your nose" and he touched his nose. i know he said another two-syllable word, and i can't believe i don't remember it right now! anyway, he's doing pretty great. i've been worried about speech delays, but he came a long way just in the last two days.

anyhow, we will keep you posted on orion's cath and what the results are. have a great weekend!

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