Saturday, May 03, 2008

our little monk

it's definitely warmer down here in the suburbs, so we opted to buzz orion's hair for both the weather and for thicker hair. it's a burmese tradition to shave/buzz so he'll grow up with a nice head of hair :) hope it works!

we are having a good time in our new hometown, though we have to admit we sometimes forget we are not in the city anymore. for example, we've been so used to wood floors and no nature outside, but with our carpeted floors and tons of trees, grass and flowers around us, we are bombarded with pollen and dust! talk about allergies. since moving here, the three of us are constantly sneezing with runny noses and itchy eyes. we dyson regularly, and it seems to getting better, but there's nothing we can do about nature. we also took a walk across the street and stood at the crosswalk waiting for the sign to show the little green walking man to let us know we can cross. after 3 consecutive lights, i was like, man! this is a long light. and bo said, "we forgot to push the button!" right. in the city, there are no buttons to push because EVERYONE walks. not the suburbs! so we have to get used to that again.

orion's visits to the pediatrician and cardiologist were pretty blah, which is a good thing! he has another check up in a month with both of them again, and the cardiologist will keep on checking his health to see when he will need a cath (sometime in the next 3 months). even though it's not a major surgery, it still isn't fun because he still needs to be put under and there are always risks. they need to check the pressures in his heart to see if he will need that glenn procedure or not. let's pray he will not need another surgery.

bo has been terribly busy with work, but it's always nice to have money coming in right? i have been busy trying to keep the house nice and fridge filled, and also trying new recipes because i realize now that orion definitely needs variety in his diet. he does NOT like eating the same thing twice in a week. so......if anyone has recipes they want to share, please do!!! so far, he's liked turkey meatballs with asparagus, capellini with alfredo sauce, rice and mushrooms, and for snacks, he likes raspberries, TJs veggie sticks, TJs belgian waffle cookies (300 calories for 6 cookies!), and walmart's version of gerber puffs (yeah! 50 cents saved). i also realized, because of karma i'm sure, he prefers to eat while playing on the floor. just like me when i was a kid. my poor mom. i was such a horrible eater. never would i finish my plate. never could i sit at the table and eat an entire meal. i only ate if my mom made mealtime into a game, for instance, i would ride my tricycle around the house and have to stop for "fuel" and have a spoonful of my meal. so that's what i'm doing now. our little orion is just like his mommy. at least he eats better though.

we have been spending a lot of time (whether on the phone or in person) with the lewis family, and we love them! so much i dreamed that little elizabeth was my daughter??? we were playing patty cake. maybe it's my subconscious saying i want a little girl. either way, we love her like a daughter! we do miss our usual visitors like tina. i'm hoping we can take a trip up to fairfield and visit her. orion misses you for sure, tina!!

our apartment is coming together nicely. though we are still trying to figure out where things go, we have pretty much settled in and plan to stay here for a while. it's a nice neighborhood, i love taking walks down the street and looking at all the pretty million dollar homes we are surrounded by. orion enjoys touching all the greens and flowers and pointing at the big trees. he's adjusting well to the suburban life, as am i. we miss sf sometimes, but we know this is the right place to be.

which brings me to good news, congrats to stephen for getting into SF state!!!! orion's uncle will be hanging up here with us, so it will be great for them to spend more time together. it will be nice to have an aye in the area :) i always love to take care of family, so i'm happy to have someone to look out for. more family meals and hangouts!

ok, i think it's time to get back to cleaning. we have tons of new pics to post, so when bo's life slows down a bit, he'll upload. hope all of you are doing well and enjoying spring!


Anonymous said...

what a cutie!!

SGiles said...

Orion's hair looks so cute buzzed!!! Hannah's is pretty wild these days...if only shaving hers was an option :)

keandra said...

continued health and recovery to your little one!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the happy little dude looking so healthy and handsome!!

I had the same allergy issues when I moved back from SF. Who knew that breathing car exhaust all day made me feel better than the natural thing that is pollen. Pop a Benedryl Allergy now!! Good Luck. Trish-

Little Baby Manning said...

he is looking so great!

hey, we will be up that way next week so i'll give you a call - maybe we can get together!