Saturday, May 24, 2008

it's been a while!

orion has been keeping us quite busy! after several days of not being himself, not eating, sleeping too much, crying a lot, and turning blue (for the first time!), we took him to the ER. his echo, chest xrays, and blood work all came back fine, so doctors concluded it could be early symptoms of his heart working too hard. they decided he needs a cath sooner, so it was scheduled for june 9.

after his ER visit, he seemed to be right back to normal! my (tawny) parents came to visit for the weekend, and orion was in love. he was the happiest, hungriest, most energetic kid we've seen in a long time. the day they left though, he got sick with a stomach virus (which he still has) and went right back to sleeping too much, not eating, etc. of course at least we know it's just a virus and not anything heart-related. we also saw his cardiologist who said orion will most likely need the glenn. we'll find out after the cath if he needs the glenn or not, if he does, it will probably be soon after. so not looking forward to another surgery!!!! :(

LPCH dictionary: Glenn shunt - A surgical connection between the superior vena cava and the right pulmonary artery, allowing oxygen-poor (blue) blood to flow into the lungs.

since he's been sick, the cath got changed to june 16. this conflicts with our plans of going down to OC for stephen's graduation on june 18. what to do....we are hoping we can reschedule the cath if orion doesn't need it immediately, so we can make it to the graduation (and i can finally get my haircut from my girl gina. i am so dying for a cut).

here are some pics of orion from tonight's dinner. we had rice noodles with pork-stuffed tomatoes, vietnamese style. he was VERY happy to be eating something other than pedialyte and crackers. notice the single noodle on the chair next to him. he really loves to throw his food. you'll find many more noodles on the floor below him too.


Little Baby Manning said...

hey guys! does it ever end with these kids!? we're due for another heart cath here in the next month too - YUCK. well, hopefully you'll make it to the graduation party and be able to hold off on a hospital visit for a little longer :) we always keep you guys in our prayers and we'll be checking in on you! love the mannings

SGiles said...

Hey Tawny! I am sorry that Orion had an episode and isn't feeling up to par. I will be honest that after Hannah's Glenn, she was a whole new kid! It made a world of difference for her. We just found out that her Fontan is probably going to be moved up, but thankfully it is for good reasons. I hope everything works out for you guys!!!