Friday, April 04, 2008

What a day!

Orion is one amazing kid :) doctors pulled his right atrial line as
well as his pacer wires. They also had to put in another IV as a
secondary one in case the main one gets blocked. After 3 people tried
unsuccessfully to find veins, one doctor decided to place the IV in
his neck. This is the first time he's ever had one here, so I was
pretty sad watching him being sad :( once it was done, he was fine

He is definitely more awake and alert. He is a little bit more playful
and is more active. Last night, he was very weak in his left arm and
leg, but today showed major improvements on his movements. He was
joyfully kicking both feet again, and he was using his left hand to
hold his mini soccer ball and toss it. He loves playing catch with mom
and dad.

Lately, he's only preferred to look to his left. He was struggling
turning his neck to the right and also looking to the right with his
eyes. The occupational therapist suggested to get him to practice
looking to the right, otherwise without practice, he will forget he
has the ability to do so. So we set up our chairs to sit on his right
side and showed him his toys, books and balloons. He has improved so
much! His left hand no longer tremors and he uses it just like he used

Orion also started bottle feeding today, and boy did he miss his
bottle! He ate like a champ, and even tried some Gerber puffs. He
chewed well, so he will start finger foods tomorrow. I know he will be
excited to have his fruits and veggies again.

Today was major hospital milestones! We are so happy to see Orion
progress positively and take steps toward going home. We are moving to
the step-down of CVICU, and hopefully the day after be moved to the
3rd floor 3 West - THE place to be. He has another EEG scheduled
tomorrow and a CT scan as well (don't know when that one is). If
things are looking good, we can be going home soon! All of his labs
and cultures have come back negative, and the only things left to take
out are the chest tubes. Cardiac-wise he is still looking great. Our
nurse took off the dressings of his sternum to air out so now he can
wear a cute gown again!

Very productive day today, and he ended it with a bang. All that milk
he ate needs to come out somehow, right? Our little boy :) he made an
insane mess, poop everywhere soaked down to the mattress! All his
lines got poopy, dressings poopy, blankets poopy. He got a nice
scrubbing and fell right to sleep after. He only napped for about 3
minutes because he got hungry again, so I fed him and he went right
back to sleep again. We CAN'T WAIT to bring our sweet messy boy home.


Little Baby Manning said...

boys and their food! it always makes them better - doesn't it ;)

it's so great to check your blog and hear such good news! we are so happy for you guys...

does he get wagon rides soon!?


Christine Adolph said...

What a kid! I am amazed to hear what a difference a week makes. You guys keep pressing on!-Christine

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Glad to hear Orion is doing much better. Hopefully you guys will be headed home soon.

Suzanne and Ashley