Thursday, April 17, 2008

some talk about going home this weekend?

NP mentioned this afternoon during rounds that it may be possible we will be discharged this weekend, depending on how orion's O2's do. they started to wean him off oxygen pretty quickly today, and since he was doing so well, they turned it off completely. he ended up dropping too low, so he's back up to 3/4 liter, and surprisingly, the levels are still low. so we'll see what doctors say tomorrow morning. yashir says that sometimes, when kids are on oxygen for so long, they become dependent. so it's best to wean very very slowly. orion's been on it for 3 weeks now. which by the way, tomorrow marks 4 weeks in the hospital!

orion's been extra happy today. not sure if it's because he's getting too comfortable here, or maybe he knows we might be going home soon???

in reply to the mannings comment, during physical activity, if orion's sats drop, we just lay him down in our lap, just easing the pressure off his body so he could relax. that will usually bring up the levels again. and if you're gonna be here in may, we'll be moved to mountain view by then! but let's definitely meet up, we wanna see little mason in action!

not much else to report today. bo and i were both able to take a couple of naps throughout the day. i did the laundry also and really we should be packing up our room soon. lisa's right, we are too comfortable! we have tons of clothes here, a million toys, computer equipment, and snacks and toys. our room here is definitely lived in. and just to clarify, some of my friends (ahem, yuri) didn't take the "living in the hospital" comment to seriousness. yes people, we really do live in the hospital! rarely do we EVER leave. we sleep here every night, we are next to orion 24 hours a day, we have a private room with private shower and bed so we're always squeaky clean and somewhat well-rested. we are so busy with orion we hardly have time to grab food to eat, so we usually end up eating orion's meal that he doesn't finish (which doesn't taste that bad). but in reality, we can't wait to get back home and have our normal routine again. i'm sure orion misses the park and watching all the other kids run around. and we can't wait to sleep peacefully without the monitors beeping!!! that sound is burned into our brains, it's pretty much obsolete when it's dinging.

fun in my chair

trying to put my sock on by myself

human sacrifice - see all the animals attacking the farmer? yes, this is what bo is teaching his son...

drinking from a big boy cup! still hasn't learned that when you drink through a straw, the cup needs to stay low

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