Monday, April 14, 2008

small update

we are just waiting to hear from dr. reddy if he wants orion to have a cath during this hospitalization, later in the future, or not at all. when i posted my last update, i did it immediately after our nurse gave us the news. after, i spoke with the NP, and she mentioned dr. reddy's open decision.

i also forgot to mention, we won't be going home until orion is up and walking around like he used to! i know it will take several more days with physical therapy to get him back into shape, so maybe we'll be here for another week.

i don't know what's going on with his chest tube, there is still drainage, but we know for a fact it is much less than before this weekend.

onto other news, we found a new apartment! bo and i both agreed it was most beneficial to move back to the peninsula area to be close to the hospital again. after orion's seizures, we realized we would not be comfortable going to any other hospital other than LPCH. we just love the doctors here so much and appreciate their care and quick judgments for orion. we are moving back to mountain view, hopefully it won't be stinky of rotten food in the basement like our last mountain view place! haha. it's in a great neighborhood next to two parks within a couple of blocks, and the library is also within walking distance. it's a pretty cute town, mellow and quiet with lots of cute shops and restaurants on the main road. the street we will be living on is a residential street with rows of pretty craftsman-like cottages. we are excited, but we are also dreading hauling all of our crazy stuff down, especially at this time. we're aiming to move before the end of the month, and we've got lots of friends and family offering their help. we love our close-knit family of support so much!!

orion is sound asleep now, and i was unable to nap today. i am going to finish my dinner - vegetarian fantasy pizza from maldonado's pizzeria. one of the best pizzas ever!!!

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christine adolph said...

Loved reading the last two updates. A move, although difficult, sounds like a wise decision. Good luck to you guys. I will keep checking in.-CA