Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Orion's doing so great!

He finally got his tube out this morning and he's in heaven. So much
more comfortable and relaxed, he has been able to stay awake enough
for storytime and people watching.

This little kid is STARVING! He is trying to eat everything in sight,
but his stomach is not ready for food yet. Hopefully tonight they will
feed him some formula via NG tube.

He is still on anti-seizure meds, and our pediatrician called us and
said not to worry. He will most likely fully recover. We love news
like that! She is going to try to stop by and visit our little man. We
love our doctors here.

Orion is still on oxygen, just in case. I don't know how long he will
need it. The next steps are to remove chest tubes. Hopefully soon so
we can get him back on his feet (and butt) to get some exercise and
strengthen those muscles.

Our little guy is looking sweet and comfortable again. He's starting
to kick his strong legs again and still has that adoring look in his
eyes. Awww we love this boy :) we missed you Orion!!!


Paula's Pad said...

God Bless Orion and you family.

Little Baby Manning said...

oh, i'm SO glad to hear this!!! Can't wait for you guys to get out of there ;)

Can't wait to see pictures of a happy guy!
This is such great news, thanks for keeping us posted!

lots of smiles! the mannings

Lizzie said...

Such great news!! LOVED the photo gallery. Maybe you should keep the hairnet so he could work at Sprinkles someday and get you guys a discount on cupcakes. :)

christine Adolph said...

glad to hear he is doing better, what a relief to have the breathing tube out..wishing you well! Christine

Michael said...

Great news!!!