Thursday, April 24, 2008

orion is so settled in!

he loooooooves his room! filled with all his toys and so much floor space, orion is in heaven. we've organized it pretty well (though we can't say it actually stays in order), and he's been able to sleep in his crib without us next to him. he still wakes up through the night, but at least he's out of our bed!

today was my first time giving him a post-hospital bath in his bathtub. as most of you know, orion cannot be held under his arms for 8 long weeks post-op. the last time we did this, he was barely 3 months old, so it wasn't a big deal for us. now that he is nearly an 18 pound toddler (and an active one at that), it's definitely hard to get him around. the scooping i got used to, but try giving this kid a bath in a tub! i picked him up so i could wash his bottom, and he was so slippery from the water, he slipped a few inches down (though i was still holding him), and that feeling gave him a little scare. he started crying, and i thought maybe i hurt him, but his smiling picked up soon after. i needed bo's help to clean orion and get him dry, so tomorrow, i'll be sure to have some help.

as for orion himself, he is so happy to be home and is back to his usual cheery self. laughing, pointing, scooting, clapping, smiling, screaming, dadada-ing, mamama-ing, being messy and being so affectionate and loving. this is the boy we missed and are so happy to have back.

we love you orion!!!

leaving LPCH and hanging out on the "big heart" in the walkway up to the hospital

out to lunch at a vegetarian restaurant near our new apartment. yum!

returning home from our walk

just a few of his toys...


we have an appointment with our pediatrician tomorrow and a follow-up with cardiology on monday. will definitely update with info from cardiology appointment.


christine Adolph said...

Orion looks great! good to see.

Sonia said...

He looks great. what a little munchkin! Give him a kiss from Auntie SASA

Little Baby Manning said...

oh my gosh - he is just so cute! loooove the pictures - thanks for the update! we love your family - we'll check in on you guys.....the mannings