Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More visitors and new toys!

so nice of debbie to stop by while doing some outside office work. she is a fellow heart mom we met through one of the heart groups we are a part of. she even brought a little surprise for orion! his very first set of legos :) yay! thanks debbie!

yashir and maz stopped by again to check on the little guy too. very nice of them, especially since yashir was post-call and maz is always busy studying. we always love company from friends and family.

not much has changed today, except they dropped his dose of diuril by half and he is down to 3/4 liter of oxygen (before, he was on 1 liter). his sats are still pretty stable in the mid-90s so hopefully he will continue this progress.

bo has been up all night and day (literally) trying to finish up projects. i was lucky to get some sleep last night and a nap this afternoon, so i'm pretty energized to take care of orion. our special hot chocolate and coffee combo drink also helps :) tina, i have yet to add the soy, i think i'm too anxious to drink it i never get around to adding milk. next time, next time. i don't drink these as much (i was trying to keep it to a max of 3 cups a day). the nourishment center is on the 2nd floor in CVICU, and i feel like such a fool to go down there just for my chocolate coffee fix. but on occasion, bo and i really need a caffeine kick, so i'll sneak down there, hoping no nurses will see us and ban us from the nourishment center. most of the time though, they just ask how orion's doing. i'm sure no one will honestly kick us out of there. i even considered bringing our coffee maker to keep in our room, but maybe that's just too much.

other than that, orion's doing great. he's so much happier with his chest tube out, and he's ready to rock and roll. he's already back to scooting on his butt, and he's so motivated and determined to get back to his physical self again. this morning during PT time, he spent some time sitting in my lap and was so excited to get to his new toys, he stood up on his own to get to them. of course, his sats went down fast, so i had to bring him back down to sitting so he wouldn't use up so much of his energy. it's definitely hard to keep a toddler from wanting to roam around and go after what he wants. hoepfully in time, he will balance out.

food-wise, i think he's getting tired of hospital food. same meals over and over, i know how he feels! so i need to come up with another plan and find him some other dishes to munch on. or, just get discharged soon so we can eat normal food at home :)

i also posted our SF apartment on craigslist. wow, what a response! hopefully one person will be interested and a be a good match for our little neighborhood so we can get that over with. bo is heading up there saturday morning to show it, and hopefully he can pack up some things to bring back down to the peninsula. we are definitely excited to move and be back down here. we'll be closer to our wonderful friends kathy and orion's girlfriend elizabeth, and we'll be closer to chris and sara too. hooray for babysitters! ;)

i will leave you with this sweet photo of orion taking his daytime nap right now.

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