Sunday, April 20, 2008

mommy and me time

the last couple of days, orion has spent a lot of time with mom, while dad has been busy packing and moving all of our things. BIG THANKS to dad and grandma and grandpa for amazingly packing and moving almost everything in two days!!!! another BIG THANKS to the lewis' for letting us borrow their truck - we couldn't have done it without you guys! our bed is already set up in mountain view, and grandma packed the entire kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. and with grandpa's skills, he packed that truck full, every inch was filled with something, he even made grandma carry stuff in her lap (she was not thrilled).

orion and i had some great wagon rides, play time in the play room, good sleep time in our room, he finally ate something new that he liked (spaghetti and meatballs from olive garden - thanks grandma!), and some good physical therapy practice. this morning when doctors did rounds, it seems on the weekend maybe they are more forgiving (and forgetful?). i had to clarify a lot of things and also make requests, such as weaning orion off of oxygen slowly because it didn't work when they tried to wean him off in half a day. their plan was to try getting him off oxygen completely today, and i said, "oh, no no, not again." so, i'm glad i was here, awake, to catch them. orion's doing awesome, he's down to 1/2 liter and still in the early to mid 90s range. tomorrow they will bring him down to 1/4, and maybe we'll go home on tuesday or wednesday. yay!!!

bo is in sf packing up the truck again with the rest of the stuff. we'll definitely need help moving the couch, so that will be saved for another trip. once we are discharged, i am in charge of unpacking and cleaning the sf apt. we do plan on painting our new place, so if anyone has ideas, let us know! we want to do something creative with orion's room, fill it with happiness and love, we're not really sure what we're going to do yet. i do want to have one wall be painted with chalkboard paint though (just the bottom half), wouldn't that be cool? i told bo, after this, no more moving!!! i promised him i wouldn't look at any more apts to move. i also said we can't move out of this apt until all our kids are born :)

signing off to take a nap.

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