Tuesday, April 15, 2008

chest tube is out!!

yay, the chest tube is out! the only lines he's got left are his leads and oxygen! there was very minimal output from his chest, so they took out the tube early afternoon. bo was out running an errand, so i stayed with orion, but couldn't watch. bo has told me that a lot of blood comes out when it's pulled. anyway, he's a much happier kid and is more energetic. he is still on oxygen, we are worried he will be discharged with oxygen since his saturation levels seem to be lower (in the early to mid 80s when not on oxygen). we're really praying orion will miraculously be able to be without oxygen in the next couple of days.

we are still waiting to hear from dr. reddy if he wants orion to be cathed during this hospital stay or later.

today, orion spent some time with the physical therapist at the LPCH gym practicing standing and sitting. i was not able to make it since i was out running errands, but bo said he tired very easily. he said all the exertion and effort orion expended also uses up more oxygen in blood, hence the saturation levels going down.

interestingly on another note, i have been reading articles about heart kids and their development. it seems there is a connection between heart kids and math problems. i wonder if it's the lack of oxygen? there are also articles talking about delayed skills, which i also think could have to do with lower oxygen levels. i don't know, just stuff on the back of my mind.

tomorrow, doctors are going to start weaning orion off of the oxygen to see how he does. they will also begin to wean him off diuretics. can't wait for that, we change way too many diapers through the day ;)

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