Friday, April 18, 2008

again, nothing to report

today was a very quiet day. orion is still on 3/4 liter of oxygen, and those have been pretty much the only changes. oh yeah, his lasix is down to 3 times a day, as apposed to 4 times a day. he is still the same, cheery old self. though, he doesn't seem to eat much solids anymore. i thought it was because we weren't offering him much variety, but i think he just wants to play all the time! at home, we designate his highchair time specifically for eating. here, the chair he sits in is either for eating or playing, so maybe he's getting confused. either way, he did not have breakfast, lunch, or dinner today. instead, he ate the strap of my camera, the box the legos came in, and his toothbrush too. maybe tomorrow will be a better feeding day.

tomorrow, bo is getting up early to head up to sf to show the apt. i usually get to nap in the morning, but not tomorrow. so i am going to bed early tonight.

i don't think we'll be getting discharged this weekend. maybe early next week!

oh by the way, we are working with SSI, Supplemental Security Income to get some financial help for orion. though i haven't been the one in contact, bo says that kids who have congenital heart defects are eligible. so you moms and dads who are reading this, call your financial advisor or social worker at your hospital and ask them for more info on SSI. extra cash can always help pay for even the small things like diapers and formula :)

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