Saturday, March 22, 2008

xray looking better

after a rough night of no sleep and constant interruption, orion was able to nap just a little bit this morning before getting an xray today. lungs are looking clearer, so hopefully the IV treatment is working. they will be taking two more xrays tomorrow, one of him lying down on his back and another with him on his right side.

this visit to the hospital is a lot worse than ever before. he is aware of his surroundings and has made associations of pain with nurses and doctors that come in. some nurses and doctors are sympathetic to his stranger anxiety, some are not. the toughest part is getting blood drawn since he has such small veins and only the super-experienced can do it quickly. others take a few tries, and it's painful to watch him scream in horror. it's sad, it's almost as if he loses sight of everything and is in his own world of sadness of fear. his eyes look lost.

every time the door opens, he just begins to scream. once he recognizes it is either mom or dad, he's ok, but anyone else, he continues to cry. hopefully we'll be able to go home soon to end his fear.

he's been extra extra clingy. if he falls asleep in my arms, he senses when i sit down and wakes up. he won't even let me sit! so standing, holding a pretty heavy baby is tiring and a strain on my back. he's ok with bo, he'll fall asleep on his shoulder and bo will be able to put him in the crib.

yesterday was the first time orion ever called for "dada" and meant it. he was sitting down next to me on the floor and bo was up on the couch. he said "dada" (he says it all the time, but he pretty much calls everything in sight dada), stood up pushing against my legs and reached his arms out to dad. cutest thing ever. and today, while the lab people were trying to draw blood, he was so sad and crying out "dadadadadada" and looking up at bo. too cute.

and he said BALL today! any kind of ball has been his favorite toy, and we brought all the balls from home into the hospital. he kept handing me all the balls and saying "BAW." he's growing up!

at least he's very happy when no one is bothering him. now we just have to work on him getting some good rest so mom and dad can too.


Little Baby Manning said...

oh my gosh, he's so freakin cute. and tawny, i TOTALLY know what you mean about the fear in their eyes -
when we came back home from mason's last time at stanford, it broke my heart b/c twice, he had like night tremors. he woke up crying and when i came in his room, he had a fear of death look in his eyes and i swear it was b/c he thought i was a nurse or someone to hurt him. :( so sad. he only did it a couple of times but i really felt horrible. it's kind-of hard to explain but the fear in his eyes was like nothing i've seen in him before - the good news...
he is still super clingy - but i looooove it! cole wanted nothing more to do with me after turning one. but mason...different story. i think they just have a hard time trusting other people after being hurt by so many unfamiliar faces. i'm just loving the clingyness though :)

Tawny, Bo and Orion Aye said...

mason is such a cutie! you are totally right about how they are extra-cautious around others besides their parents. poor babies. orion was like that too after his second surgery last year. we came home and he was so afraid of us touching him. as for the clingyness, all orion wants is daddy. :)

Anneke said...

Well said.