Wednesday, March 26, 2008

surgery postponed

orion will go into surgery tomorrow, we are not sure what time yet. O.R. was full today, but he will be in surgery tomorrow for sure. thanks to all who are sending emails and comments, they are really uplifting and encouraging! also, thanks to kathy and elizabeth (orion's new heart girlfriend) for stopping by and bringing us some yummy goodies to eat, homemade cookies, and snacks for little orion too! and another big thanks to our family and friends who plan to visit us in the next couple of days!


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Lisa Manning sent me an e~mail letting me know that you guys were back in hospital..

I hope you know that my thoughts and prayer are with you all right now!!

I will be back again later to check on you all...

Big heart (((hugs)))

The Kings in Las Vegas

Vincent Leddy PT said...

Hi Orion also known as O. I have lots of play and work to do with you next week when you are firmly back on your feet. I will make sure your therapy with me will be a lot of fun when you come back to see me. I give you a remote hug and a kiss and pass one on to your mom and dad will you. They will need it. Much love little man, Vincent