Monday, March 24, 2008


orion's been in great shape. yesterday was the first day he showed signs of his usual behavior, playing, laughing, having fun. so much fun that he wore mommy out, so i went straight to bed after he fell asleep last night. his xrays showed no more fluid in his lung! doctors discontinued lasix by IV and is now doing it orally. orion's much much happier.

this morning, i woke up with a very sick stomach, and bo was up working all night. he slept most of the morning while i tried to manage taking care of orion. when doctors came in around 10am, they told me orion is scheduled for a cath tomorrow at noon.


my heart raced again, and the anxiety returned. that made my stomach feel even worse, so after bo woke up, i spent the rest of the day sleeping (and heaving, yuck). it's now 10pm and I am just beginning to feel better. We are just hoping this virus doesn't spread and get orion sick.

so, tomorrow the cath. i know it's necessary, i've been through it twice before, but each time it gets harder and harder. doctors of course have to explain the risks, which i absolutely hate to hear, but we have to deal with it, right? so today, we pretty much let orion do whatever he wanted. he made a mess with all his toys and books everywhere, emptied out all the belongings we brought and made mountains of clothes, food, and mail. i let him call anybody he wanted to from my phone, so we called auntie semone, uncle anson, grandma aye and grandma pham. lots of fun times.

now that orion is fast asleep, i am off to bed again. hopefully this stomach thing will pass and i can have a normal day tomorrow.

oh yeah, i forgot to mention bo sold his beautiful car today :( trying to save money, so he thought the first place to start would be to get rid of the car and insurance payment. he will miss his black saab 92x aero, but hopefully his next car will be even better.

i still have to blog about sunday, but i'll do it later. lots of easter fun and pictures too.

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Vincent Leddy PT said...

I am thinking of you and Orion. Hope he will be back in therapy next week to play and work on walking. Hugs from his PT!