Friday, March 21, 2008

orion in the hospital

here is the email i sent to our friends and family:

just wanted to let everyone know orion was admitted to the hospital this afternoon. he hasn't been himself all week - sleeping all the time, tired, not eating, not active or playing, we had an echo done today which showed his heart is essentially the same. but they did find fluid in his right lung. it is most likely not viral, but probably from the pressures of his heart that pushed fluid to his lung. he currently takes lasix, a diuredic that helps get rid of fluid in his body. doctors say that administering a higher dose of lasix orally will probably not rid of all the fluid, so they decided to admit him and administer lasix by IV. they are going to xray him daily and see the progress. if he doesn't improve within a few days, they will drain fluids by chest tubes.

since this is quite unusual, doctors want to be cautious and get a closer look at his heart (they have been delaying the cardiac catheterization and surgery since his condition wasn't worsening). they will most likely do a cath once his lung is all clear of fluids (doing a cath now with fluid in lung will mess up the numbers). this means we will be in the hospital for at least a week or so.

we are really hoping lasix will take care of this and we can go home. orion is not happy here, especially when he can't sleep because nurses keep waking him up to check vitals, etc. bo is going to go home tonight to pick up essentials, toys, and all the fun stuff so we can try to keep orion happy.

we will try to post regularly on our blog to keep everyone up to date. check our site often.

thanks to everyone for thinking of orion. he misses everybody!!

lots of love,
bo + tawny + orion

so of course this isn't anything super-serious, but it does mean we are moving forward with surgery plans sooner than we hoped. there are no details yet, we will just see how he does with the lasix through IV and hope that makes him better.

right now we are just focusing on keeping orion as happy and comfortable as possible. he finally fell asleep, so this gives me time to blog and post a couple of pictures. we'll keep everyone up to date.

sad to be in the hospital. look at those eyes!! so puffy from crying.

watching meet the robinsons with daddy. yay for the rufus song!

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Little Baby Manning said...

whoa! i'm so glad you sent out an e-mail b/c i gave up checking your blog for those photo galleries! ;)

i'm sorry to hear your in the hospital but glad to get updates! i wish we were closer so we could come visit you - it was so fun having you guys come see us!

okay so i'll have to come back to read the rest but wanted you to know we'll be back in and checking on you!!!!