Saturday, March 22, 2008

just a brief update (really not much going on yet)

i should be sleeping and getting rest, after all the week has been a little hectic, and today was a pretty busy day. but, it's nice at night in the hospital. things are quiet, not much happens, no nurses bother us (well, sometimes but not so much). orion just fell asleep. it's so hard for him to be in a strange place around strangers and not have any familiarity around him. all he has is us. he's doing well though. he has his moments of happiness, like reading new books.

bo is taking a nap now so he can be refreshed for the drive back to sf (about 45 minutes) to pick up his own medicine that he needs tonight. before that though, he grabbed us all dinner from in n out, i don't know why lately i've been craving MEAT. i had a burger for lunch AND dinner today. sheesh. and on that trip, he brought all the miscellaneous toys from the car, so orion has a few of his favorite things. one of the nurses here was really sweet and gave orion a shiny silver metallic balloon, which he's been playing with all night. i love how the smallest things bring the biggest smiles.

here is a picture of orion in his hospital crib, trying to get used to things.

and finally asleep.

sorry some of these photos are dark, i'm taking them from my phone and uploading it straight to flickr from the iphone. with the firewall with the hospital's internet, we can't upload from our computer. we have an awesome video of orion dancing (sitting down, not standing), and it's the sweetest thing. we'll upload it when we can.

it's almost 1am, and i should probably get some rest. will post more in the next couple of days.

oh, i forgot to mention bo set up a new gallery, but i thought it was too hard to navigate, especially for people like my mom or grandma to view. so we are slowly uploading photos to flickr. so far, we have recent pictures of lunar new year, my birthday, and random photos of orion. we will eventually upload our entire photo library (that's like 10,000 pictures literally), so check back often. just click on the link "FAMILY PICTURES" to the right on on our blog.

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