Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter!!!

orion woke up to a cool gift basket from the easter bunny this morning! he woke up pretty early (6am) after sleeping so well last night. we had an AWESOME nurse, michelle, who is super-quiet, doesn't bother him, and let's us take his vitals when he's calm or sleeping. we are going to request for her tonight.

here are some photos of the cutie playing around:

easter socks!

haven't gotten xrays taken yet, so i will post once we get that done and hear the results.

his personality and behavior is returning back to normal. he's more playful, goofy, smiley, and generally happy. i hope this means he's getting better fast!!

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Little Baby Manning said...

i love how even in the middle of a nasty hospital stay you can have a little fun! It makes it bareable (however u spell that), right!? HAPPY EASTER!

big hugs-
the mannings

we'll check back to see the test results...