Friday, March 28, 2008

First 72 hours are critical

Orions been doing great. They kept him sleepy all night which gave bo and I a chance to rest up as well. The plan is to keep him pretty sedated all day today, but he's fighting it! Kicking his arms and legs and tugging at lines makes me panic! They continue his medications to calm him down, but this kid is a fighter! They even had to tie down his arm so he wouldn't pull anything. Doctors finally gave him a different med and it seems to be working (so far).

Since the first 72 hours are critical, we are praying for no infections, no bleeding, and no complications. We are at bedside, bo is working and I am tired from getting 5 hours of straight rest (very rare!). Orions got awesome nurses and doctors here, and we just love
and appreciate everything this hospital has done for us. We also love and appreciate the support we've received from friends and family too!

He still has his breathing tube in, and they plan on taking it out tomorrow. He's got an NG tube again, so they might start feeds today through the tube.

DOH! Orion is already waking yp again. The nurse just gave him another med to get him back to sleep, so we hope this one lasts longer!

Let's hope for a speedy recovery so he can get home and return to his fun playing and visits with family and friends!

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Anonymous said...

i don't blame him for trying to pull those stupid chest tubes out - he's just making sure everyone knows he's serious about getting out of there :)

that was our hardest part - because they freak not being able to know what's happening as they're waking up - so sad. thank goodness it doesn't last too long!

i bet he's up and out of there in no time!

what a relief - now he can just get back to life and having fun!


the mannings

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear they were able to do the 2 vent repair. Dr. Reddy is awesome. Praying that the recovery time is quick and that you guys are home soon.
-Suzanne and Ashley

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy...

keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers...

The King Family