Saturday, March 22, 2008

FINALLY blood drawn successfully

after four tries of drawing blood for a liver panel (checking to see if this is an infection), this lab guy was finally able to do it. and quick too. orion was actually asleep, but of course woke up from people squeezing his arm and piercing his skin with a needle. they got a whole lotta blood (also very rare) and FAST. we were happy. hopefully we'll get good results.

bo brought orion's cool buggy and he got to roam the hospital for a bit. i forgot to take pictures, so we'll do it again tomorrow. he was SO happy, he even smiled and waved at all the evil nurses! (well, not really evil, just in orion's mind). came back to our room and gave the stinky little guy a quick bath. now refreshed, he happily sat and watched more tv - this is becoming a terrible habit. i find him zoned out and staring at the tube, and he doesn't pay attention to us calling his name. it's true, we don't have a tv at home, so this is probably really interesting to him, but let's not make it too interesting! ok tomorrow, less tv, more reading!!

actually, they have preschool here every weekday so maybe monday i will take him to play with the other kiddies. but tomorrow is sunday, so we will probably try out the playroom. i hear they have a ton of toys and it's the happening place.

so this week is dad's week. orion has a pattern of switching off between parents. he'll only want one or the other. when he only wants me, bo is like "aww, he doesn't love me." so now it's dad's turn, and i'm like "aww, orion hates me!" it doesn't help that this week is a busy work week for bo. let's hope orion will balance out and enjoy the both of us while dad can make the money!

alright, i think i'm signing off for the night. it's only 1040pm and orion is actually sleeping! yay, time for my nap :)

pic of the night:
mmmm, starbucks!

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